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We can Reflow / renew the connections under the Video Chip (BGA) this is a common repair for motherboards that have failed. Our reflow / rework procedure, are completed using professional Dark IR rework stations.

This provides a precise repair, that just can't be achieved by brute force heat methods.

Heating with "Dark IR" unlike a heat gun or heat lamps, only targets the solder under the chip without further damaging the heat sensitive Graphics Chip.

This is crucial for a long lasting repair. We couple this reflow with our house blended proprietary flux to clean and rejuvenate the solder points under the BGA video chip.

Rest assured, the process dont end there. We only use the best thermal paste for the maximum possible heat transfer, and even add copper to completely upgrade the cooling of your laptop. After the system passes our QA burn-in test we upgrade drivers, and bios if needed. The result is a laptop that runs far cooler then factory spec, giving you the best chance for a long lasting investment you can count on.

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