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Don't worry we can fix your Macbook or Macbook pro!

Mac hardware just like any other computer is prone to fail due to the problems that all computers suffer from. Dust and failing solder points from overheating cause problems like the loss of USB ports, Video, Audio, Track pad and keyboard, not to mention least of all the famous fix in our video of the Black Screen of death.

Some of the types of repairs we have done on Apple products include:

  • Boot but no video
  • Hard drive not recognized by system
  • USB ports not working
  • DVD drive not reading disks
  • Keyboard/Track pad not working

Some of the Following Types of MacBooks we have worked on include:

  • A1211
  • A1212
  • A1226
  • A1229 just to name a few.

Any MacBook or MacBookPro with ATI or Nvidia graphics can be affected by problems with overheating. At Mixcat Computers located in Kissimmee Fl we are able to reball, reflow and or completely replace the Nvidia GPU (graphics chip).

Mac A1226 Relow

Did you know most shops just replace the logic board costing well over $600!

At Mixcat Computers prices starting under $199 you can save a lot of money on your investment.
Contact us for more information today!

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